Amsterdam Trip

Video Transcript

Larry Harb: 

Well, good morning. Here we are in beautiful downtown Amsterdam and I thought I would take this opportunity, since this is something that a lot of you may never see and check out. This is a smoke club in Amsterdam. They won’t let me bring the camera in there. In the smoke club, you can go in and buy weed and smoke. That’s the advantage of being in a smoke club. This is pretty interesting. It’s a two-story smoke club. The menu is extensive and very, very interesting. You can see that you have to be at least 18 years old, but I’m sure they do ID everybody and check all of that out. I thought it was interesting you can’t smoke cigarettes in there, only product that you purchase. I’m gonna flip this way, ‘cause this is an Amsterdam seed shop. And this is pretty interesting ‘cause, in this shop, all they sell are seeds. Now, and if you want, of course, they all deliver. So, it’s sort of fun. At night—I’m doing this during the day ‘cause it might—people would be really offended if I did this—during the day is more interesting. You can see it, but at night you can’t walk down this alley ‘cause this place is jam packed. There’s people outside all day—all night, smoking. I’m gonna continue my app down this little alley. I thought this was interesting. I was down here the other night. Again, here is another smoke shop. And you can see—this, by the way, is—today is Easter Sunday, so happy Easter to everybody. Most of these places are open from 9:00 a.m. in the morning until somewhere in the neighborhood of like 1:00 at night. You can see that they’re busy. There’s people in there and having a great time. They don’t like us videoing them, though. That’s a no-no. It started in about 1985 and has the whole story of hemp and cannabis. It’s a pretty good story. Very interesting place. If you’re in Amsterdam, worth stopping to. Obviously, we can’t film inside, but I thought I would do it outside. Just down the road here, thirty feet, is the Hemp Museum. And, of course, let’s not forget the Sensi Seeds shop next door—another interesting place in the world of hemp.

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