FCEE – 420 Friendly Insurance Intro

Video Transcript

Larry Harb:               

So, I’m Larry Harb with 420 Friendly Insurance. We’ve been doing cannabis-related insurance for about two years now. The company is really owned by IT Risk Managers. We started the dot com bubble. We rode down and back up again, back in 2000. So, we get new industries. And somebody asked me earlier, well, how’d you get into cannabis and that’s exactly how we did it was, it was another new vertical, we like the industry, we like the concept, we’re licensed in all 50 states to do business, so it became very simple and easy for us to make this transition into this role. As I said, IT Risk Managers is the licensed insurance agency, so when you call up, we answer the phone “IT Risk Managers”, but we are 420 Friendly Insurance and that’s how we market ourselves.

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